A Healthy Halloween Treat

This ghostly fruit platter is a toddler favorite in our household and provides a balance to the influx of sugary treats that will surely be taking your house by storm. Use bananas with chocolate chips (minis for the eyes) and clementines as pumpkins with celery as stems. Simply adorable.

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Home Detox Checklist

Let us help you detox your house one room at a time. We have created easy room-by-room checklists for your reference. Take a deep breath and start slowly. Do not expect to do this overnight. Take baby steps and feel empowered. Even small changes can have a big impact on the health of your family.
































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A Healthy Nursery

Diaper Rash Cream?



Desitin Diaper Rash Cream, #1 choice of pediatricians and moms; practically ubiquitous in nurseries. How disappointing: This cream contains Methylparaben and Propylparaben, two hormone-disrupting chemicals (parabens) as well as an unidentified “fragrance” which most likely contains harmful phthalates (plasticizers that can affect the reproductive system). Opt for a non-chemical brand, such as Earth’s Best Diaper Cream. Keep those cute little bums safe!

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20 Ingredients To Avoid


Here is a list of 20 ingredients to memorize and avoid in food you consume or feed your kids. It certainly requires more planning, cooking, keeping a well-stocked kitchen, and packing your own food for outings. But, once you start, you’ll never go back.

It can be overwhelming at first until you get the knack of reading all labels and understanding what to avoid. Then, it actually becomes empowering!

Bringing it back to simple, fresh, wholesome ingredients is fun and delicious. It definitely takes more planning, and it helps to have a healthy-stocked kitchen. Start by cleaning out your own kitchen and purging all processed foods. Then, replace your cooking oils (especially canola), soy sauce, chocolate, coffee, tortillas, dairy products, fruits/veg, poultry with their organic alternatives – it doesn’t have to be all in one day/week/or even month. Give yourself room to breathe and digest it.

Read labels and avoid anything with soy/corn/canola in the ingredients (unless it’s organic);  those are usually genetically modified and they are in 80% or more of the food products you buy. Don’t stress out – keep it simple, and continue to learn as you go. Every day that you eat “clean” helps rid the body of the icky toxins; a mini detox. There are cost-effective ways of buying organic as well – frozen and dried. Try an organic CSA farm box. Baby steps…each one helps.

The following is an article that outlines 20 important ingredients to avoid: Read all »

A Mother Is Born

Absolutely love this quote. It’s so very true.

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” ~Rajneesh


Non-Toxic Bug Spray


Bug Off










Taking the kiddos camping this weekend and we just whipped up some non-toxic bug spray. Recipe: 5 drops each of Peppermint, Thieves, and Purification plus equal parts distilled water and witch hazel in a 2-ounce glass bottle. Bugs be gone!

Now, wish us luck sleeping with two wee ones in a tent. Happy Trails!

Here are the oils we use.


Image Source: Apothecary Moms 

A Year of Silence


After a year-long hiatus, while healing a broken heart after losing my mother, I am picking up the pieces and starting to write again. Slowly.

In addition to being an impressive and well-respected Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, loving and selfless mother, caring wife, and snuggly grandma, she was also the de facto editor of Little Green Moments (along with my sister).  She was the grammar queen, and I knew that a comma would never be out of place with her eyes on it. She had the most incredible attention to detail.

She is missed dearly; every moment, every day. She was also in part, the inspiration behind this blog, along with our two daughters. When my mom (a non-smoker,) was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer almost 3 years ago, I felt a sense of urgency to research what environmental factors she could have been exposed to, that may have caused it, since cancer doesn’t run in our family. We were in it together as a family. How could we beat the {grim} odds? How could we prevent others from getting this awful disease?

Cancer took her life, but never her dignity and grace.

So, in honor of my mom, I will start writing again. Because she would have wanted me to.



Back Soon…

We apologize for our long absence.

It has been a very sad time for the LGM team as we are mourning a great loss in our family. Thank you for your patience and your on-going support. We will be back up and writing soon.

– The Little Green Moments Team


A Healthy Lawn


Do you have grass in your backyard? If so, is it treated with pesticides? If you have kids playing in the grass, or babies crawling on it with their hands (that subsequently go into their mouths), consider asking the person who cares for your lawn to stop treating it with chemicals (you, spouse, friend, gardener?). This will also greatly reduce the amount of pesticides tracked into your house on the bottom of shoes or little feet. It is amazing what you can learn by just asking the question. If you don’t specify “no pesticides,” the default will most likely be that your grass is treated with chemicals. Our own lawn is a case in point; it was years before I asked the question.  I cringe when I think about my children playing on it.  As a side note, we have had no brown spots since we stopped treating our lawn and it looks beautiful.  Seems as if we didn’t need those nasty pesticides in the first place. Scientific evidence shows that contact with these chemicals is not healthy for your little ones and has been linked to adverse long-term health effects.


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