Are you on the fence or indifferent about feeding genetically modified food (GMOs) to your children? Have you taken action to switch out your canola oil, corn products, flax products, soy products, etc. to organic non-GMO alternatives? If you want more data points, here is an absolutely fascinating article written by a former pro-GMO research scientist whose job it was to convince public groups that genetically modified foods were safe for people and the environment. He has since then REVERSED his position and is now vehemently opposed to genetically modified food, given all of the long term health studies conducted in countries outside of the US that he was privy to. “We should all take these studies seriously and demand that government agencies replicate them rather than rely on studies paid for by the biotech companies.” Folks, we have a broken system here and it’s up to us to fix it. The same people who are telling you these are safe, are the same people funding the studies.

Here is the article:

Image credit: stevanovicigor / 123RF Stock Photo