It’s time to start daydreaming about your spring vegetable garden. Yes, the frost is almost upon us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order your seeds now and plan ahead! You don’t need a lot of space to do this. A small, raised planter box with plenty of sun will do the job even if you live in a dense urban area without a big yard.

This is the first year we have had the time, space and sun to even entertain a garden and I am so excited. Let’s do this together! We just placed an order for a bounty of delicious organic herbs and vegetables. Not only are we going to plant what we use daily (lettuce, arugula, etc.) but we will also try to support biodiversity and will plant interesting vegetables that you can’t find in your local grocery store (think: purple carrots, unique varieties of tomatoes, etc.).   It is important to know where your seeds come from and to ensure they are not genetically-modified at the seed level to include their own pesticide or spliced with any other organism. Look for the “Safe Seed Pledge” and buy organic seeds or seedlings. We just ordered our seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds because  they are certified organic and non-GMO. Have fun with your garden, no matter how small or big you decide to go this year! If this is your first go at a veggie garden like me, start small, keep it manageable, and make sure you have fun doing it. It shouldn’t become a chore…if it does, you may have started too big.  We will check back in when it’s time to put them in the dirt. Good luck and keep us posted on your garden!

Image credit: Dusan Zidar