We all love our children and want the absolute best for them. That is nothing new. Our goal is to help you achieve a toxic-free life for your family and to create a green nest & home. It’s about making small changes and adapting to a new and improved lifestyle, one day at a time. It’s about being the change. It’s about health & happiness. It’s about getting back to basics. It’s about being outside. It’s about stomping in puddles in the rain. It’s about putting away the iPad. It’s about getting dirty and loving it. It’s about your children’s laughter. It’s about education. It’s about sunshine. It’s about awareness. It’s about leadership. It’s about exercise. It’s about parental modeling. This is a place to share our own practices, and practices of those far wiser than us, in the hopes of creating more awareness around toxic-free homes and a green legacy. More people need to be talking about this and we want you to be part of the conversation.


Jo & The Little Green Moments Team