After a year-long hiatus, while healing a broken heart after losing my mother, I am picking up the pieces and starting to write again. Slowly.

In addition to being an impressive and well-respected Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, loving and selfless mother, caring wife, and snuggly grandma, she was also the de facto editor of Little Green Moments (along with my sister).  She was the grammar queen, and I knew that a comma would never be out of place with her eyes on it. She had the most incredible attention to detail.

She is missed dearly; every moment, every day. She was also in part, the inspiration behind this blog, along with our two daughters. When my mom (a non-smoker,) was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer almost 3 years ago, I felt a sense of urgency to research what environmental factors she could have been exposed to, that may have caused it, since cancer doesn’t run in our family. We were in it together as a family. How could we beat the {grim} odds? How could we prevent others from getting this awful disease?

Cancer took her life, but never her dignity and grace.

So, in honor of my mom, I will start writing again. Because she would have wanted me to.