I look forward to our evening ritual. Now that our 2.5 year old daughter has transitioned to a “big girl” bed, it’s easy for Mommy and Daddy to slide in for cuddles and stories at bedtime and my husband and I take turns with this coveted ritual. It begins only after teeth have been brushed and two (or more) stories have been read.  “Tell me ’bout me [sic] day peas [sic],” my daughter asks as we lie next to each other nose to nose. She stares at me with big, bright eyes awaiting the story to begin. “Well…”and we proceed to talk about the entire day: from waking up, to what we ate for breakfast, through the details of the daytime activities, what was learned, what our favorite parts of the day were, how we felt about the day, to presently lying in bed having cuddles. It never ceases to amaze me what a complete and little person she is and how sharp a 2.5 year old’s memory can be; she doesn’t miss a detail and corrects me if I inadvertently forget an important detail about the day. Sometimes we hold hands, sometimes we entangle our feet together, and sometimes a heavy head rests on my chest as we regale ourselves with the events of the day. The ear-to-ear smiles that this ritual elicits and the quiet bonding time after an active day, overfills my heart with joy and leaves me feeling warm and happy. These precious moments.