Goodbye BPA-free plastic bottles. You are no good to me anymore (or my kids). We finally made the move over to stainless steel and glass water bottles. Breaking comfortable habits is hard; I have been attached to my BPA-free Camelback. This article, written by the Environmental Health News states that a study finds BPS, the replacement for BPA, has the same hormone-disrupting chemicals in it. We simply swapped out one harmful chemical for another, labeled it “BPA-free” and we, the consumers, continue to buy it thinking this was the safe alternative. Today, I finally packed up all of our BPA-free plastic bottles for the kids and put them in the recycle bin.  I also threw out our BPA-free plastic bath toys. I ordered mini Kleen Kanteens and glass Life Factory bottles for the kids and big ones for the adults. Today’s non-toxic deed is done.

We love this list “The Best Glass Baby Bottles of 2017” by our friends at The Babble Out.

Read this article: Inside the Big Tobacco-style campaign to bury the frightening truth about BPA-free plastics.