I love creating an annual family holiday card and we do it every year; and I love receiving them. They make me happy. However, every year I say I’m going to do it differently, and that I’m going to have less of an environmental impact. Perhaps, an e-card? Alas, I missed my “little green moment” this year and went with my usual Tiny Prints order (and experienced my usual guilt of wasting so much paper), but they are as lovely as always. I was on auto-pilot; it’s hard to break old habits. As I always say, change can be slow to occur, but every step forward counts. My sister did it a bit differently this year, and we will be sure to follow suit next year!

By Maya, contributing author:

Tiny Prints is my go-to for holiday cards. They’re fast, the paper is high quality, and they offer great discounts…but I just ordered my holiday cards from Paper Culture, and I’m a convert. They have great designs, which are completely customizable:  I did a combo holiday card/moving announcement and was able to change all of the text to get exactly what I wanted; prices and quality are comparable to Tiny Prints; you get two free proofs (they were so quick to make changes and get back to me); and their customer service is top notch.  Best of all, the company is innovative and responsible. They use 100% post-consumer recycled paper (read: They don’t take down any trees to make your cards) and are CarbonFree.  Their goal is to have no impact on the environment.  And if that weren’t enough, they plant a tree for every order placed (you can personalize a dedication, and they send a cute little e-card, which you can forward to your dedicatee).  So far, they have planted over 250,000 trees in the U.S.  If you’re a procrastinator like me, and haven’t ordered your holiday cards, think about ordering from Paper Culture today.  Today is the last day of their $25 off/free shipping sale and if you order by today, they guarantee that you’ll receive your cards by the 25th.  This is a company you can really stand behind! Please note, I have no affiliation with Paper Culture, nor am I paid to promote their company. They are great and I thought you should know, in case you want to change up your annual routine.

Image credit: Paper Culture