Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly and non-toxic products that we hope you will love too! Sharing because we think they are swell and we know they will not harm your children; and they are good for our planet. Please email for more information.


We love using Young Living Essential Oils as an important (and fun!) tool in our non-toxic arsenal. We use them for: supporting our immune system, chemical-free household cleaning, tantrum taming, beauty and skincare, and the list goes on!













Hallelujah for Naty 100% biodegradable diapers! Did we mention they use no plastic??! And, they are incredibly absorbent, so you don’t lose any performance; no pee pee leaks here.  All diapers should be 100% biodegradable…our oceans would thank us.

  • No perfume.
  •  Totally Chlorine Free pulp.
  •  Chlorine free outer cover. No plastic.
  •  Leakage barrier made of natural material. GM free based corn film. No plastic.
  •  Distribution layer made of natural material. No plastic.


Lifefactory bottles are our new favorite household items. Given the new data out about BPA-free bottles also having endrocrine disruptors in them, we swapped out all of our bottles to glass – adults & kids alike. Glass water bottles for mommy and daddy, glass sippy cups for our 3-year old, and glass baby bottles for our infant. Their bottles are designed to grow with families from cradle to table. To ensure safety, all of their products are made from materials that are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, polycarbonate, lead and latex. No compromises. Glass offers the best taste, is the safest material to drink from and is built to last a lifetime.


RESUABLE BAGS! We absolutely LOVE Reusable RuMe bags. The macro size bag is the perfect grocery bag and it can be easily stuffed into a diaper bag to ensure you have your bags on you at all times. They also have reusable bags we use for our kids…no plastic baggies for sandwiches or sliced apples! Use these instead. I also like to use the Macro Bag to stuff with all our snack goodies for the kids on the airplane, and when we make it through, I just stuff it into my carry-on. Easy!



This is one of the carefully selected sunscreens I will use on my kids.  It’s expensive. It’s worth it. I’m over the moon about this company and their products. Finally, a SAFE sunscreen, without endocrine disrupting chemicals, to put on our baby’s (6 months and older, of course) pure and perfect skin…for kids and adults too! Something as mundane sounding as sunscreen is actually very serious and potentially harmful for your babies and kids. Please search the Environmental Working Group’s ( Skindeep database to find safe sunscreens for your family and see our post on sunscreen with some easy tips on how to navigate the world of sunscreen.









A wonderful resource for buying non-toxic products is Mightynest; our absolute favorite spot for shopping for healthy, natural, and non-toxic options. We buy our stainless steel bento boxes, water bottles, re-usable sandwich bags, and beeswax wrap as an alternative to plastic wrap here. You can even buy organic mattresses for your crib/beds here. They give back up to 15% of your purchase to your school of choice. What an incredible opportunity to help your local school.

bento carrots5a_sq sandwichbag


Featured: stainless steel lunch bento box, Greentainer food storage, and a re-usable snack or sandwich bag made with organic cotton.